Companions on Global Climate Screwups

tundraAre you guys ready to adapt to new environments? I am! I don’t mean like growing gills and fangs like the aliens of SatIumyne of the vampires of venice episode of Doctor Who. I mean getting ready for new deserts, new oceans, and frozen wastelands! What’s not to be excited about?!

OK, all sarcasm aside. Not to sound like a huge tree hugging hippy but I kind of want to at least be dead before my world decides to delve into a new ice age or a mass Sahara desert. Buuuuuttttttttttt that’s just me.

There has not been one single snow this year on the ground where I live! Not enough to actually play in at all; just enough to slip in a puddle of slush. I am about to build myself a tardis and flee to some moon in another dimension in order to go sledding and make a stupid snow angel!

I of course apologize for bombarding you with all sorts of sarcasm and nonsense. But we need our snow, guys! Going outside with an ice cube and a hammer and smashing up ice cubes is not good enough to call snow!!!!! Trust me! I’ve tried it! It just melted! Our earth is being bled of all it resources! And no one is going to stuff the remaining human race into a spaceship and say sayonara and hope for the best! WE HAVE FUCKED SHIT UP! The doctor is not going to save us, no one is for that matter! We have to be our own companions!


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