Evil plots unmasked!!!

As companions to the Doctor, we are always looking out for threats to humanity, especially when such threats come in the form of extraterrestrials. After years of research, it now seems that many if not all of the Doctor’s current enemies have temporarily joined forces (not confirmed) to subtly destroy mankind! What’s worse is that they have had their plan in the works for years. It’s hard to believe we are just now connecting the dots: global warming threatens life on Earth.

Thankfully due to help from the Doctor’s many allies on Earth, we were able to catch this before it completely wiped us out! But there is so much damage already done that we will need to work together to help the doctor, to help the earth! Now to prepare us I will share some of the findings from the Doctor’s allies.

First, we believe that the tropical storm Sandy disaster is proof of the upcoming destruction to be expected from the Doctors enemies’ creation Global Warming. Climate warming causes ocean warming, which leads to thermal expansion of the water and sea level to rise. Warm oceans are like jet fuel for hurricanes and hurricanes will have an easier time going further inland due to the risen sea levels. A one-meter sea level rise will increase New York’s severe flooding risk from one incident every century to one every three years.

The doctor’s allies (scientists in this case) agree that global warming has added more moisture to the atmosphere, such that for any storm event, including Sandy, there will be more precipitation as a consequence. And excess rainfall is one of the top three sources of hurricane damage (the others being wind and storm surge).

It is important to note that we do not know every scientific detail related to this elaborate plot as we are not quite up to the Daleks’ intelligence; however there is a vast amount of data collected around the world by the Doctor’s allies and we encourage you to explore these findings as we cannot summarize the entirety of it here.


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