Global Warming is a problem worthy of the Doctor

Global warming is a threat worthy of the Doctor’s attention. It threatens our entire planet. And as we all know, the Doctor is dedicated to protecting and preserving the many peoples, species, cultures, and planets of the universe, including Earth. In the show, the Doctor saves Earth time and time again.

Now it’s our turn, to take up where he left off- to do what the Doctor would do if he were in the real world with all of us.

The Doctor would not sit back while we throw the Earth further out of balance. The Doctor would not sit by and let Earth’s government and business leaders ignore the science. We shouldn’t either.

Here’s our chance to do what the Doctor would do: help save Earth by:

  • Reading this blog to find out more about global warming, its role in Hurricane Sandy, and global warming’s causes.
  • Donating money to the Union of Concerned Scientists to help support research, public policy solutions, and education efforts
  • Sending an email to Obama demanding action and global leadership

Taking action on global warming is one way we can be like companions for the Doctor, even when he isn’t here. And let’s be honest: as dedicated Whovians, we all desperately wish we could be companions for the Doctor. Now, here’s our chance. Save the Earth from Global Warming. Take action.


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